Traffic Analyses

Traffic Analyses

Developed for on-prem, and what we consider the least intrusive technology for mature information security programs, network security monitoring and traffic analyses allows for a very broad enterprise coverage and detection of malicious events, while also providing valuable insight into traffic and protocol analyses.

This focus on the network enables a wide visibility of all assets while making actionable information available in a platform that is highly interoperable with your IT landscape and requires only minimal changes to be fully implemented in your environment.

Service key features:

  • Fully comptabile with 3CS vSOC for automation in alerting and incident response
  • Visibility into security-related alerts and compliance information
  • Interactive dashboards for data visualization and threat hunting
  • No agents; No maintenance; Minimal footprint!
  • Interoperable with our AWS Security platform
  • Constantly updated threat information
  • Bare metal or fully virtual

Would you like to see how it all comes together and how it can help you? Reach out to us and we'll show a real world deployment.