Security Orchestration & Incident Response

As a mission objective set when 3CORESec first started, we always envisioned a platform that would equip companies with a better visibility over threats but also lower the entry barrier for smaller companies with less funding for information security.

3CORESec virtual SOC (3CS vSOC) is part of our Managed Detection services and it provides organizations, of all sizes, the capability of interacting with our platform through normal voice operations in order to remediate security threats and provide assistance in incident response.

In an event-driven security methodology we allow our customers, minutes after an issue is reported, to quickly place countermeasures to totally remediate the threat or gain control of the situation for later follow up.

Not everyone has a team on-call 24x7. 3CS vSOC is always on the lookout and constantly available.

Service key features:

  • Serverless-agent constantly retrieves best remediation actions for your environment
  • Create your workflows for incident response based on severity or attack category
  • Safe and minimal IAM permissions needed for remediation

Would you like to see how it all comes together and how it can help you? Reach out to us and we'll show a real world deployment.