A different take on managed detection; A simpler one.

AWS Security

The only managed detection platform for AWS that gives you visibility and incident response automation for both network and application layer. No permissive IAM policies, complex configurations or modifications to your accounts. All backed by certified professionals in a purposely-built solution.


On-premises traffic analyses

Information security programs cannot be properly implemented without visibility. Learn about faulty network segmentation, company policy violations, insecure protocols, unauthorized software, malware infections and much more. No agents to install and no exceptions to your corporate security policy.


Network Traffic Analysis

In AWS, on-prem or hybrid. You'll be surprised by how much you can learn about your network.

3CS Virtual SOC

3CS vSOC is always on the lookout! Follow our recommended alert and detection strategies or develop your own.

Security Orchestration

Detection is just one phase. Interactions with 3CS vSOC allow you to perform remediation actions in real-time.