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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
Unlock a new era of cybersecurity vigilance
About us

Creating a Secure World, One Day at a Time

At 3CORESec, we excel in developing elite enterprise information security solutions, redefining industry standards with innovative approaches. We introduce pioneering methods to detect adversary activity, providing unmatched protection and fortifying organizational resilience against evolving threats.
Who we are

Unified & Interoperable Security Solutions: Elevating and Empowering Business Resilience

3CORESec was born out of the belief that current information security threats require a unified and interoperable approach, which goes beyond the typical appliance and set and forget solutions.
Our goal is to develop products and services for enterprise information security programs with a consistently evolving architecture, minimal footprint and full transparency of its capabilities and limitations.
Our STory

From our founding to our future vision


3CORESec was established in 2019 to address the critical need for superior cybersecurity solutions—ones designed to assist users and reduce overhead rather than add to it.

Market Placement

Soon after our inception, we resolved to set ourselves apart from the competition; we were not going to settle for just a superficial makeover. Instead, we committed to creating a fully vertically integrated ecosystem, offering unparalleled solutions in every layer of cybersecurity.

Our Vision

Our cohesively integrated ecosystem serves as the bedrock for unveiling unprecedented features, scalability, and affordability, continuously elevating the caliber of our services. We're just getting started!

Meet our Founder

A singular vision and unwavering commitment to elevate cybersecurity standards and solutions

Tiago brings nearly two decades of diversified infosec experience, having held numerous roles in enterprise information security. His extensive knowledge encompasses a broad spectrum of cybersecurity domains, from system and network security to education and certification processes, contributing to the foundational strength and integrity of different companies throughout his career. From military, insurance, and banking, Tiago has fortified organizational defenses, navigated complex security landscapes, and enhanced resilience against evolving cyber threats.

In 2019, Tiago founded 3CORESec, fueled by a desire to create uncompromising tools and platforms, integrating the essence of his extensive experience and best engineering practices acquired across industries. The initiative embodies the lessons learned and insights gained from utilizing various tools throughout his career, presenting solutions meticulously designed to address multifaceted cybersecurity challenges effectively.

Tiago Faria
CEO & Founder
Join the team

Want to help transform cybersecurity?

3CORESec is looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our growing team.