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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Security Orchestration & Automation

Elevate your threat defense with 3CORESec's vSOC, a cornerstone of our MDR service. Experience seamless playbook integration and advanced alerting, enhanced by our intelligent virtual assistant. vSOC delivers swift, automated remediation, providing a robust cybersecurity shield for the modern digital landscape.
Security Orchestration & Automation

Simplify incident response with 3CORESec vSOC

Empower your security with one-click playbook activation. Effortless control, superior protection.

Instant Intervention

From simply getting notified in real-time of alerts to interacting with our virtual assistant to put a stop to security threats.

Curated Responses

We have pre-determined what the best course of action is when dealing with a threat. You simply choose the scenario that better fits your environment.

Virtual Assistant

Having a hard time deciding how you'd like to respond to incidents? Receive the alert and make your decision in real-time on how you'd like the incident addressed.

Advanced Workflows

We've automated the entire process of following a specific workflow, which is common with SOCs. Create the desired communication workflow and apply it to any orchestrated response.


Supercharge incident response with 3CORESec MDR

A programmable SOC

With 3CORESec's vSOC, vigilance never pauses. Simply set your preferred incident handling procedures and rest assured, each incident will be managed with consistent precision, every time.

Seamless Integration

All the functionalities of our SOAR platform are built-in to 3CORESec MDR. No need to do anything else other than start automating your responses.

Actual real-time

Remediating a security threat can happen automatically with as little as 10 second response time.

our approach

Managed orchestration and advanced alerting features

Programable Interactions

Want 3CORESec vSOC to instantly neutralize threats, seek your guidance, or suggest security measures? Customize interactions for distinct alerts or threat categories.

Fully Managed

This is not your typical SOAR platform. With 3CORESec vSOC you make use of our curated list of alerts and playbooks without having to worry about anything else.

Secure Remediation

3CORESec vSOC stands out for its least-privilege approach, allowing us to mitigate threats without requiring elevated access or compromising asset integrity.


See what vSOC can do for you


Response Playbooks


Mean Time to Detect


Mean Time to Respond

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