Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
Unlock a new era of cybersecurity vigilance
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Our Solutions

A battle-proven catalog of solutions aimed at cyber security companies looking for specialized technology and services.

Explore our offerings:
streamlined cyber solutions

Explore our diverse range of cybersecurity solutions designed to meet your unique security needs, from cutting-edge threat detection to expert advisory services.
Benefit from solutions forced in the fires of real-world challenges. Our seasoned experts design tools and processes tailored to tackle advanced cyber security threats.
While our solutions seamlessly integrate with our ecosystem, they're expertly crafted to adapt and integrate with third-party services, ensuring versatility in every deployment.
Our solutions seamlessly fit different phases and positions of your cyber security program, ensuring depth and adaptability with a full spectrum approach.
With vast expertise in crafting and integrating solutions, 3CORESec ensures superior support for even the most complex third-party deployments and integrations.
Business TO EXCEL

Advanced cybersecurity solutions that exceed your business demands

Empowering your organization's security with our customized solutions

Detection as a Service

Enrich your detection capabilities with our actionable expertise
Plug-and-play detections for your security tooling
A new approach on network intrusion systems management
The industry's leading SaaS platform for Suricata IDS management

Rapid and Assisted Detection & Response

A cybersecurity solution delivered to your doorstep
A self-contained unit for a no-setup deployment and immediate action on network threats

Advisory Services

Evolve your security program
Have our industry veterans working alongside your team

Ready to see it in action?

Empower your organization's defenses with our cutting-edge solutions and expertise