Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
Unlock a new era of cybersecurity vigilance
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Our Platform

Meticulously engineered for the next generation of managed detection and response with cutting-edge simplicity and advanced capabilities tailored for the modern security landscape.

A reliable foundation for advanced enterprise security

Engineered to deliver the most robust, scalable, and interoperable security tooling platform, coupled with superior services, to meet the needs of today’s digital landscape
Our platform swiftly processes, normalizes, alerts and enriches data in real-time. Providing a <20 second mean time to detection and <40 seconds for remediation.
Fully managed
Experience a truly turnkey solution. 3CORESec fully manages and maintains MDR, allowing you to focus on your business. We handle the complexities; you enjoy peace of mind.
Ready-to-use SIEM, capable of analyzing 400,000 events/second. Seamlessly integrate data, visualize threats, and harness our real-time API-based intrusion detection.
Machine Learning
Go beyond traditional indicators with 3CORESec MDR. Using ML you can continuously train models with your standardized data for proactive and predictive security.
our approach

Enhance your security across your entire organization

Extend threat protection across your entire attack surface with a unified platform

Managed Detection & Response

Fully managed; Deployed in less than 5 minutes
Discover the ultimate simplicity in sophistication with our SIEM ecosystem, boasting cutting-edge features and predictive capabilities

Cloud Security

Least-privilege visibility and security
The best observability and detection ecosystem for all cloud workloads

Security Orchestration & Automation

3CORESec vSOC is on the lookout 24/7
A surprisingly accessible approach to SOAR

Preemptive Security

Security-oriented machine learning, for humans
A straightforward and hussle-free way for ML-based detections

Take a tour with our founder

Let's get right into it - learn about the platform straight from the people who built it.