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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Preemptive Threat Landscape

Boost your defense with 3CORESec's Preemptive Threat Landscape (PTL), featuring advanced machine learning for early threat prediction and anomaly detection. Seamlessly integrate PTL for proactive, ahead-of-the-curve protection.
Preemptive Threat Landscape

Next-gen threat prediction with 3CORESec PTL

Harness advanced machine learning for preemptive detection and anomaly insight. Immediate security, superior foresight.

Proactive Alerting

Instead of reacting to threats, anticipate them. 3CORESec PTL notifies you of unusual patterns in real-time, allowing for swift preemptive action against potential security events.

Behavioral Analysis

Dive into the depths of user and network behavior with PTL's intelligent analysis. Detect anomalies and predict risks, streamlining your decision-making process.

Intuitive Integration

3CORESec PTL seamlessly adapts to your infrastructure, offering scalable and sophisticated threat prediction. Fully automated and managed.

Threat Modeling

Every organization is unique, and so is every threat. PTL's customized modeling learns the specifics of your environment to tailor its protective measures precisely.


Go beyond rule-based detections, with a single-click

Automated Threat Anticipation

Stay ahead with 3CORESec PTL's automated threat anticipation. No need to adjust settings constantly; the system adapts to emerging threats, assuring you of consistent, up-to-date protection.

Autonomous Security 

3CORESec PTL autonomously redefines itself, self-learning from available data without intervention. Witness security that intelligently adapts, ensuring robust protection with minimal input.

Machine Learning, Simplified

Demystify machine learning, translating vast volumes of data into actionable intelligence through advanced computation and continual learning crafted into user-friendly, effective security.

our approach

AI-driven security, for humans

Predictive Analytics

Utilizing advanced algorithms, PTL forecasts threats, keeping you ahead without the guesswork.

Smart Automation

Minimize manual input, ensuring a robust defense that intelligently responds to evolving threats.

Algorithmic Precision

Sophisticated algorithms parse through noise, delivering accurate alerts with no false positives.


Learn more about PTL models


Model Accuracy


Decision Time


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